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Ch 2 Page 4

8th Feb 2016, 11:50 AM in Chapter 2- Recollections
Ch 2 Page 4
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ashtoledo 8th Feb 2016 edit delete
when lovers scheme...
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Oooooh just played a bit of catch-up and can I say, "politically-minded ninnies" is golden :'D

Really enjoying these letters (and these lovers?) they've got a good back-and-forth! Excited for this scheming B)
ashtoledo 9th Feb 2016 edit delete reply
thank you! I'm really enjoying writing the letters :)
Beef on Beef 6th Mar 2016 edit delete reply
I demand a dead unicorn pillowcase for my birthday
LeDisko 5th May 2016 edit delete reply
I finally found the unicorn pillowcase!!!!
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